What do you value in a community newspaper?

Isaac Kavenaugh note taking Nov 29. Karli Zschogner

Thursday November 29th, 2018

By Isaac Kavanaugh

Today Naotkamegwanning Mazina’igan’s current team, Karli Zschogner, Ian Crow, Damon Hunter hosted a resource meeting at Wiisinin Cafe. With a free lunch provided by Zschogner, everyone was welcome to attend to give their thoughts and ideas on how the newspaper is important and how it has value.

Invites were sent out by emails, poster copies, and public invites on social media.

The nine attendees, four of which were representing different organizations, the Naotkamegwanning EMS, Ontario Works, and Baibombeh School.

They discussed there was value in regular organization sponsorships and advertisements to help cover the costs of printing and towards future honorariums to regular contributors.

Noatkamegwanning Mazina’igan is independent and relies on voluntary work of community storytelling through writing and photography. The journalism trainer is here till March to provide training and is looking for more community support to make it last for years to come.

From the first issue the average cost to print was $2.30 per copy which the school has offered to let print for now.

During the discussion the attendees talked about preserving traditional protocol as a valued aspect for for the paper’s vision statement.

Roland White said he would like to see more community input to have a page dedicated to Naotkamegwanning own history, culture, and language teachings.

It was discussed that the community newspaper has an important role because it helps inform, showcase, and regional communication. It was also discussed as a regular paper it would help create an independent accessible space to showcase facts, achievements, experiences, and concerns within the surrounding region.

Zschogner explained the importance of knowing the difference between news, opinion and advertising:

News – contains factual information reported by journalists. If they are responsible, well-trained journalists, they would have done research, verified facts, revealed the sources of their information and identified statements of opinion from those sources.

Advertising – minimal context of event or product, not independently verified or fact-checked, some legal or policy exceptions, advertisements can say pretty much whatever they want to.

Opinion – meant to supplement the news portion and provide for an exchange of ideas.

There are two types: 1) Editorial – statements made on behalf of the newspaper itself; 2) Op-ed – guest columnists or submitted opinion pieces

Tips for noticing: 1) The page or piece is labeled with words like: opinion, editorial, reporter’s notebook, review or analysis 2) The text makes first-person statements like “I” and may follow it up with “believe” or “think” 3) The tone is more personal, maybe with some sarcasm, exaggerations or personal anecdotes.

The next print date is December 13 with a Christmas and holiday theme of storytelling. The deadline for story ideas and submission is December 8.


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