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Travel Club Holds the Community’s First Zombie Race

Students run in preparation for the upcoming chase (Photo Credit: Karli Zschogner)

By: Drayston White

On Halloween, the newly created BaiBomBeh High School Travel Club hosted an event called the Zombie Run. In this event, the high school students dressed with face paint to look like a community of  zombies – a zombie apocalypse.

The elementary students who participated were prepared, scared and eager to run away from zombies outside who could steal their lives away, and the ribbons they had on their clothing.

Virginia Loon in a close call with Zombie, Connor Kakeeway (Photo Credit: Karli Zschogner)

The point of this event, a great idea of high school teacher Jordan Marchand’s, was to raise money for the club. All community members were welcome. Prizes included a Samsung tablet. The club was also able to raise some funds through a canteen and bake sale.

Zombie Race - Hayzn Tom (Photo Credit: Karli Zschogner)
Zombie Race – Hayzn Tom (Photo Credit: Karli Zschogner)

As a travel club member, I though the event was a lot of fun!

The travel club is hoping to raise enough money to travel somewhere interesting and fun. Some of the places that we have discussed are New York, Orlando or Vancouver. The current plan is to travel in May, 2019. We will continue to host fun events and fundraisers in the upcoming months, including through the sale of our community newspaper, Naotkamegwanning Mazina’igan.

We hope to see the community participate and support our enriching cause.

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