Baibombeh’s Updates and Stories – Issue 3, December 2018

Grade 7

Portrait of a Lady

By: West Ranville

(Art by: West Ranville)

My art was inspired by Pablo Picasso. Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He was an innovator of modern art, creating portraits through geometric painting.

My artwork has different shapes and lines. This style of art is called cubism, which is pictures broken down into shapes. The tools I used were pencil, pens, paint markers, and stencils.

I appreciate the style of cubism created by Picasso, which I used to create my portrait. I appreciate cubism because of the opportunity to use colors and all the shapes.

How to Play Crazy 8’s

By Carter Nash

I am going to teach you how to play a game called Crazy 8’s. First, grab a deck of cards and make sure it has 52 cards in the deck and shuffle them fast.

Take all of the jokers out. Make sure 2 – 4 players are playing. Ask your friends, classmates, and siblings. Anyone who is 7 and up enjoys a challenge.

Next, give each player 8 cards, then put the rest of the cards in the center where all players are able to reach the cards

Now, flip the card on the top of the pile to begin the game. The card will show the suit and the number.

If a person has a jack of clubs and puts it down. Another jack could block it or your wild card.

A wild card is the number your on.

The numbers go down from 8 – 1, for example (if you were on your 8 and on your last card you put it down if it matches with the suit or number, then you go to your 7’s, pickup 7 cards from the deck of cards).

The objective is to reach zero cards from 8 – 1 if you were on your 1’s you place it down because it matches the suit and you win.

If the pile of cards is done, pick up the cards you played and shuffle them in your hands.

The two’s make your left opponent picks up two from the cards and the ace will skip your left opponent.

This is how you play Crazy 8’s.

This exercise was towards the Ontario Writing Assessment in September. For publishing, the student has re-drafted his work.